From Malcolm’s Desk – April 2012

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time for the Easter break again. This year is flying past. We wish all our Lessees and Renters a happy long weekend and successful sailing and fishing!

Special mention must be made of those of you who are currently preparing for the Vasco Da Gama Race, which starts in Maputoon 26TH April 2012. Best you all put in some serious practice now!


A warm welcome to all our new Lessees, including Zakir Mahomedy, the Smiths (back home from a long sail away on “Whiskers”), Fazul Bhayla, Moosa Saabir, Ahmed Amra, Mike Brabetz & Darryl Faught, Paul Erskine, Mark Eriksen, Andrew Coppin, Ramun Mahadevey and Johan and Suzette Nel.

We wish them all Happy Sailing / Fishing and a long and fruitful association with theMarina.


We are now seriously looking into the possibility of extending the electrics on “A/B” walk-ons. Although we cannot promise anything at this stage, we have approached one Electrical Engineer to start with. If anyone knows of someone else who could help us with costing/ quotes, we would be most obliged if you would give us their contact details.


The dates for this year’s International Boat Show are 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June. Once again it will be hosted in the usual spot at Durban Marina. Usually the public slipway is closed during this period and the boats on International and some on Commercial will have to be re-located. All affected parties have already been notified and for the most part there has been a spirit of co-operation, which we greatly appreciate.


Our Marina Crane is unfortunately not functioning properly and the costs of new parts are prohibitive. Does anyone have (or know of) a second-hand crane for sale?


Any expired flares can be dropped off at the Marina office and they will be disposed of.


Our system is running well and has proved helpful to Lessees who don’t have to think about their monthly payments any more. Time passes so quickly from one month end to the next and it is one less thing to worry about (or try to remember).

Please ensure, if you are using another system of payment, that you include your Pastel account number as your Reference. We still receive many payments with absolutely no references at all.

  Till next time,

Let’s keep it safe and happy.


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