From Malcolm’s Desk – February 2012

A special “Thank You” to the Point and Royal Natal Yacht Clubs, and their Members, who made our “Internationals” stay here most enjoyable. November and December, although extremely busy months, went down very well with the Foreign Visitors and we only received one complaint about the reeds and rubbish that come down the rivers and canals after the heavy rains which is totally beyond the Marina’s control. A lot of people were very complimentary about the facilities and service that they had received at the Clubs.


Thanks to those of you who have confirmed your Club Membership with Gillian (i.e. which of the 3 Clubs you belong to, as well as your existing membership number). However, we have a long way to go in compiling our data-base (many of the old leases do not specify this information and we cannot take it for granted that memberships have been renewed annually). This is being enforced and non-membership puts you in breach of your lease, which then puts you at risk of having to relinquish your Mooring.

Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to phone Gillian on (031) 301 2176 or send her an email at:


All Security Discs will again be erased at the end of February and it will be necessary to have them re-programmed with Adri in early March.

The Security Personnel have been instructed to be more forceful on implementing the use of the disc. If anybody has an issue with this, please contact Malcolm as it is my instruction. Do not abuse, or swear at, the Security Personnel. At the end of the day, it is your asset that we are trying to look after.


Please note that the steps used for boarding and alighting from the yachts are the responsibility of the owner. Please ensure that they are marked and identifiable. This will help prevent some nasty issues that have cropped up recently. The onus is on you to prove ownership.


The Marina boat “Mullet” is almost ready. We are busy doing sea trials at the moment and it should be ready for use in the very near future. A special thank you to Bowman and Mel Hickman for all their help and assistance in getting this boat to where it is!


If anyone is interested in LED lights, one of our Lessees is supplying these, with a 2 year guarantee.  He advises that they are super bright: 12v – 0.72 Watts. They are 100% waterproof, with 50,000 hours life expectancy. Please contact: THE LED-MAN(Roy Maharaj)

Tel number: (031) 829 5068 / Cell number: (073) 003 8685

Email: / Skype: LEDMAN143

Till next time,




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