From Malcolm’s Desk – November 2011

A warm welcome to all our overseas visitors! We are also currently hosting a magnificent British vessel on our International Berths, “NEVER SAY NEVER”. She is en route to Cape Town from Mozambique. We hope Captain Neil Fraser and crew have a great stay in Durban!


Point Yacht Club has advised that their access discs cannot be programmed jointly for the Marina security gate to the main walk-ons. Going forward, all PYC members will need to carry two separate discs (one marked by Pat with a “P” and the other marked by our Adri with an “M”).


All those with access to electricity are in for a rather large increase in charges due to the fact that the last three big increases by the Municipality have not been passed on to users. The Marina has been subsidizing it. We are in the process of getting quotations whereby all boxes will be metered and owners will be charged accordingly.

Please note that this will not include maintenance or upgrade costs.


We ask that you please advise us when you are taking your boats out of the water for repairs and when you intend returning, as these moorings are reserved for you and sometimes water space is at a premium.


Please would all Lessees advise us when they have people staying on their boats, and/or contractors working on them, for the purposes of good security.


We are coming up for our busy season. Anyone who owns a Mooring which is not currently in use must please consider putting it into our Rental Pool for the duration, to enable us to accommodate our visitors.


Any expired flares can be dropped off at the Marina office and Malcolm will dispose of them.


The Disney family has been with us for the best part of 9 months. They hail from Melbourne,Australia, and were originally only intending on stopping in Durban for a few weeks. However, engine trouble (and their enjoyment of our City) persuaded them to linger longer and their 2 daughters, Ella and Millie, have been attending School here. It will be a sad day for the Marina the day they leave us (as we really don’t want them to go!) They are en route to Brazil via Cape Town and are planning on traveling the world for as long as possible. Nick and Andrea are already seasoned travelers. Next time we’ll include a short interview with them as well as a family photo aboard “Muneera”.

Remember it’s YOUR Marina.

Let’s keep it a happy one!



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