From Malcolm’s Desk – September 2011

A warm welcome to our new Lessees: Mr Nazir Rahimun, Mr Billy Basson,  Mrs Patricia Kilburn and Mr Pragasan Armuga. We wish them all Happy Sailing and a long and fruitful association with the Marina.


Our Open Forum on Saturday 6th August went off well. The Marina is running smoothly and our Lessees seem to be satisfied with things overall.


Please take note that it is a condition of your Lease, as well as a Rule of the Marina, that ALL boat-owners are insured. If you do not have comprehensive insurance, you need to at least take out Third Party insurance on your boat.


Please ensure that your Boats are sea-worthy and registered with the Port Authority.


A friendly reminder: our Debit Order system is up and running. Please would all our Lessees and long-term Renters consider coming on board, as it will make life so much easier for everyone.


We have received three payments recently that Tracy cannot allocate as there was absolutely no reference of any kind on them. Please ensure that you use your Pastel Account Number (or your Boat Name and Mooring Number) on your deposit. Thanks.


All those that own or rent moorings in their company names that require monthly invoices in addition to their month statements should kindly email Adri to request same:


We were recently sent this blurb:

“I am fortunate that my office is situated across the road from the Marina. If I need a break from work, or simply a mood lift before getting to the office, I take a walk to the Marina to gather my thoughts, and news of anything interesting. Today’s finds were: the attached picture showing an innovative “back up braking system” fitted to a Landrover! Meeting and chatting to Gilbert Goor. Gilbert is now the owner of “Zazu” and is preparing for a cruise to Madagascar. Gilbert is well known for his exploits on “Gipsey Girl”, the stainless steel Dogger that he completed a 2.5 years circumnavigation on. He wrote a book entitled “And The Wind Carried Us”, which is a great read. This is in stock at Cruising Connections: [Tony Herrick assisted by Katherine Botha, 4 Fenton Lane – Tel: (031) 304 0108; Email: or ]”

Thanks to ‘The Water Rat’ for that installment and we look forward to his next one!

Until next time…



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