From Malcolm’s Desk – Updated Rules & Regulations

1.       The Durban Marina (“the Marina”) reserves its right to allow admission to any individual or individuals who wish to enter upon its premises. This right of admission exercised in the sole discretion of the Marina.

2.       Persons using the Marina facilities do so entirely at their own risk.

3.       The Marina is only accessible to boat/mooring owners and their guests (for whom permission of the Marina has been sought), registered visitors, approved operators,
contractors and sailing students, in possession of valid Access Cards.

4.       Boats are not allowed on the Marina without acceptable Insurance cover, including but not limited to, Public Liability Insurance.

5.        NO FISHING IS ALLOWED WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE MARINA (either from Boats or walk-ons).

6.       There is to be no fitting-out work to be done in the Marina.  Ordinary and routine maintenance work is acceptable, but the Marina shall not permit the use of certain machinery       or  equipment, including but not limited to angle grinders, dockside machinery, spray-painting and similar operations.  Any other type of work or maintenance is to be undertaken on the “hard” or in a boat yard, away from the MarinaA failure by any individual to comply with this rule may result in that individual’s permission to be admitted to the Marina’s premises being revoked.

7.    Individuals accessing the Marina’s premises must not clutter up the walk-way facility, or in any other way prevent normal access to other users and other areas of the Marina.

8.    All individuals who access the Marina’s premises must be considerate to their neighbours and other users of the Marina.

9.    All individuals are to keep their area clean.

10.  Under no circumstances are electrical cables allowed to run over the docks.  Cables of longer than 25m are not allowed to be used without the Marina’s express, prior permission.

11.  No dogs or other animals are permitted.

12.  The storage of bait or live fish is strictly prohibited anywhere on the walk-on Moorings.

13.  No riding of bicycles, skateboards, “wheelies” or motorised scooters, are permitted.

14.  Individuals who access the Marina and its premises are required to be considerate to their neighbours by limiting engine noise, generator noise, including wind generators, or loud music.  No excessive noise will be allowed, except with prior approval of the Marina.

15.  Individuals are not allowed to abuse the water.

16.  It is a requirement that the owner/skipper:

16.1  Control any abuse by the “boat washers” and control the frequency of boat washing;

16.2 Fit a ‘pistol grip’ type automatic closure outlet fitting to any hoses used; and

16.3 Check for any leakage from the tap-to-hose connection, and report faulty taps.

17.   Slating halyards can be an irritation to your neighbours, particularly at night when peace and quiet is required.  Individuals are required to tie all halyards to their shrouds to keep them away from the mast of the boat.

18.   Individuals will be required to moor their boats with the correct and predetermined mooring springs, so that no part of the boat overhangs the walkway.  Individuals are required to ensure that all boats have at least 2 fenders on either side.

19.   All individuals are to note that the Marina is a “no wake” zone.  Please keep boat speed to a “safe speed” and look out for boats maneuvering into or out of their moorings.

20.   For local boats, individuals are strictly required to register their boats with the Port Authority and SAMSA / S.A.S.  The S.A.P (Sea Borders) is responsible for enforcing the Harbour Regulations and is entitled to fine offenders and/or remove unregistered and non compliant boats from the water.  Copies of all Boat certificates including SAS / SAMSA, the Port Registration/licenses, must be submitted to the Marina when these are issued and/or renewed.

21.   NO permanent live-a-boards are allowed by the Port Captain/Durban Council, except in respect of a visitor who is on holiday, or preparing the yacht for an extended sail.  (A stay-aboard of a maximum of 6 weeks is permitted).

22.   The Marina is monitored and looked after by the Marina’s Safety and Security personnel.  Individuals are required to assist them by keeping their own watch on activities on the Marina and to help to maintain the present high levels of security.  Individuals are required to report any abnormal occurrences, cases of theft or other incidents to the Security personnel in the Office at the Marina’s entrance.  – Cell: 072 954 4466, or to the Durban Marina Office (031 301 2176).

23.   Please note the Marina uses a system of anchors, augers and chains.  If you have occasion to drop your anchor in the Marina, do not drag your anchor to your boat.  Motor up to your anchor and hoist it vertically, so as not to dislodge the Marina’s anchors.

24.   Boats arriving form foreign destinations must moor at the International jetty for clearance purposes.  Thereafter these vessels may be moved with instruction from the Marina office, to vacant and available moorings elsewhere.

25.   Should the conduct of any individual entitled to access the Marina be unseemly, unsportsmanlike or injurious to the character and interests of the Marina or any other individuals who use the Marina, or should any individual fail to abide these Rules and Regulations or any amended Rules and Regulations which may be in place from time to time, then that individual may be reported to the Marina and its authorised personnel.  The Marina shall be entitled to revoke or suspend its permission for that individual to access the Marina and its premises in its sole discretion.


NB:  These moorings are here for your convenience and enjoyment.  Violation of the rules will result in FINES and/or SUSPENSION of USAGE and REMOVAL of vessels from the Marina.


Enjoy your boating and your Marina.





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