A warm welcome to all new Lessees on the Marina and wish you a pleasurable stay and many hours of safe sailing.

At the recent Directors Meeting, it was unanimously decided that boats on chains will no longer be able to run pipes or hoses to the boats on the chains. The Marina will not be cutting the water supply, however should water tanks need to be filled or boats need to be hosed down, please contact the Marina office for availability of empty moorings for use and then return to the chain moorings.

End of June sees the start of the MSC Regatta. Hopefully there will be a good turnout of both local and visiting boats.

A Reminder Once again
To keep your COF and Port Disc’s up to date, as there is a rumor of a Police raid being imminent. Once again to remind all members and renters to make sure all compliance documents are handed to Lisa and Adri.
Also should personal details such as residential and postal addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses change, please advise the office of any changes in order to update our records.

On a lighter feather
Our Marina feathered family of Egyptian geese have grown up healthy and strong and not to mention a tad cheeky. Albeit they have mastered the art of flying, they are not quite ready to fly to coup and the comforts of the Marina. Lisa and Adri suggested we build a micro-light and teach them to Fly away Home………
Any willing aviators to kindly drop your resume in my office.

Kind Regards


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