A warm welcome to all new Lessees on the Marina and wish you a pleasurable stay and many hours of safe sailing.

Please note that guests are only allowed onto the Marina if accompanied by the Lessee. It does not mean that your guests have 24 hour access to the Marina.
You as the Lessee will be held liable while your guests are on the Marina. We do apologize for all this, but recently there was an incident whereby 2 supposed guests threatened to stab one of the Lessees. We can all agree that this behavior is totally unacceptable.

It’s all over and we congratulate PYC to what appears to be a well-run and organized event. It was good to see rivalry and sporting completion between all entrants.

Boat Show
We look forward to the middle of July when the Marina will be used for the 2015 International Boat show, which will be hosted over the weekend of 17th – 19th.
Our Lessees who are inconvenienced by moving their boats – once again, Thank you for you continued support in this event.

Empty Nest
Our Marina feathered family have left the comforts of the Marina and headed north. The clan are sorely missed by Tracy, Adri, Shireen and Lisa, however no more dodging and trekking through goose guano.

Kind Regards


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