A warm welcome to all new Lessees on the Marina and wish you a pleasurable stay and many hours of safe sailing.

Water usage

The Vice Chairman of the Directors has expressed concern of the major water shortages looming in KZN, there is a very good chance that the water at the Marina will be further restricted.

Urgent notice from Transnet

Please refer to the attached letter dated 17 November 2015 from Transnet regarding unseaworthy, unlicenced and unused crafts in the Marina.
We have repeatedly requested and warned that all vessels in the Marina need to be compliant, please make sure this is adhered to with immediate effect.

Richard’s Bay and Tuzi Gazi

Both Marina’s had damage due to the high winds that hit us recently. Our Marina held up well to the weather and winds, albeit one small break to the walk on and one yacht on the chains that broke from the mooring.

International Visitors

It’s all very exciting to have International visitors from all over the world even though the Marina is a bit chaotic and keeping the ladies on their toes. This year we have seen a number of children on the yachts and the free sweeties handed out in the office has been a big hit with the children.
I would like to express thanks to my team of ladies – Adri, Tracy, Shireen and Lisa for all the hard work and their warm and friendly welcome and professional assistance given to the visitors.

Safe sailing and fishing

As 2015 is winding down and all festivities are about, please take care on the water and sail and fish safely.

Geese of a feather

A new family has been hatched and I am sure it won’t be long before the ladies are doing the gosling daycare duties once again…….

Kind Regards

Transnet letter 2015

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