The rule of no fishing in the Marina was relaxed on a trial basis. The rule is to be reintroduced due to the danger of the Marina diver being caught up on hooks while underwater.

Some boats have been hit by “flying missiles” namely sinkers and spark plugs. Therefore as of  1 June 2017 the no-fishing rule in the Marina has been reinstated.


The water restrictions on the Marina have been slightly relaxed and water is available from 8am – 4pm daily. We would like to ask for your assistance on this as boats that are not being used are being washed 3 to 4 times a week. It has been noticed that some cleaners just stand and hose the boat down without using any soap or a broom to actually clean.

We would like to request that all owners fit the pistol grip fitting to the hosepipes, as the cleaners’ just leave the spray nozzle fittings open. As we are still under instructions from the Municipality regarding water usage and ask for co-operation in assisting to save water.                   


Currently we have installed 10 cameras on the Marina, this is an ongoing project and will continue to expand the network once finances are available.


With a successful Vasco being completed and well done to members and visitors who took part in the race. We look forward to a successful sailing season with the MSC being beginning of July and the Boat Show towards the end of July.


A handheld VHF radio was found on the walk-on. To claim, contact me with the make and model and details of where this was lost.

Kind Regards


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