S/Y Fraternidade in Durban

The sailing yacht Fraternidade was built in Salvador, Brazil, by the experienced sailor Aleixo Belov, 75 years old, who was the first brazilian making a circumnavigation around the word solo.

After that trip in 1981 he did 2 more turns around the word solo in his small yacht Tres Marias, a 36 feet Bruce Roberts that he built at his  house.

So, after 3 times around the globe he decided to make a polar sailing boat big enough to carry students in order to show them what is sail around the word.

After Fraternidade became ready, Aleixo Belov made his fourth trip with 26 students, divided in four groups, in a new turn around the word.

For this educational program Aleixo Belov received two medals from the president of Brazil, and a title of Sir.

3 years ago the S/Y Fraternidade went to Antartica and Sir. Aleixo Belov wrote his seventh book.

Last year, Aleixo Belov went to Alaska to see the ice in the north hemisphere and now together with his crew he is taking Fraternidade back to home trying to finish his 5th circumnavigation.

So we start in Brazil last december 2016 across de Panama Chanel, go to Galapagos – French Polinesia – Hawaii – Alaska – Mexico – Majuro – Micronesia – Timor Leste – Indonesia – Durban.

In Durban Marina we have a very good friend Gilbert Goor from the S/Y Zazu, who was in Salvador Brazil visiting us when Fraternidade was in construction.

From Durban Fraternidade go to Cape Town and after cross the Atlantic ocean back home to Salvador.

Captains name is Aleixo Belov

First mate is me, Leonardo Papini

Mecanic is Hermann

And Deck hander is Paco

We are together since we left Brazil. Other join us in a few legs. Our You tube channel is youtube.com/leonardopapiniyoutube.com/leonardopapini

Photographs by : Leonardo Papini – www.leonardopapini.com.br





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