As some of you are aware, the Marina has upgraded the security access system, as the previous system was overloaded and unable to perform.

This falls within the yearly “clean up” of the security disk system, which will entail the purging of all entries on the current system and updating it with only the current lessee and renter information.
This will enable the Marina to have greater control of who enters the walk-ons and thus tighten the security.
All disks will require reprogramming only two disks/fingerprints will be programmed. However, if you have already programmed your disk/fingerprint on the new system, you would not be required to re-program.
Please note that our Security Guards have been given strict instructions not to allow you onto the Walk-ons. The reason for this is that we want you to come into the office to have your disk re-activated.
Your co-operation is appreciated

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