Durban Marina is a very friendly and welcoming Marina situated in the heart of the Sunshine City of Durban. We provide a safe haven from the sometimes violent seas between Mozambique and Port Elizabeth. Our subtropical weather and proximity to a variety of services and tourist attractions make us an unavoidable stop-over for visiting sailors! We provide free water and 24 hour security with easy access to on-site Club facilities (ablutions, refreshments and new friends).

Situated close to the old Golden Mile, where you can still catch a ride in a Zulu Rickshaw, the Victoria Embankment (aka the Esplanade) is home to the Roma Revolving Restaurant (amongst other things) which boasts wonderful views of Greater Durban. Wilsons Wharf next door offers entertainment as well as a selection of pubs and restaurants. There is plenty of entertainment on the precinct, however. Both Point Yacht Club and Royal Natal Yacht Club have good restaurants offering some delicious food (including the famous PYC pie, chips and gravy; and great curries at RNYC). Café Fish is another popular restaurant overlooking the Marina.


uShaka Marine World (a large aquarium with a great conservation drive), Suncoast Casino, Moses Mabhida Stadium (a fantastic architectural wonder), Umgeni River Bird Park and the Indian Temples are just a few of the wonderful places right nearby to visit.

Durban is not far from major tourist attractions such as game parks and historic sites. If you have time to travel into the hinterland, we are just two or three hours from places like Tala Game Reserve, the Southern Drakensberg or (in the other direction) Zululand. Some of the wonderful spots up the North Coast include St Lucia Wetlands and Hluhluwe Imfolozi Park. Lying just on the outskirts of Durban is the famous Thousand Hills Valley and Phezulu Safari Park.

Of course if you really have time on your hands you might like to leave your boat with us and visit the Kruger National Park!

For those who like browsing, the Markets of Warwick are a large informal street market and the Indian Market in Victoria Street offers a wide range of bargains. Shopping Centres (such as Musgrave, the Pavilion, Gateway) are just a taxi-ride away.

The Staff at the Marina will happily phone the launderette to collect your washing, or one of the taxi companies (or the shuttle bus to King Shaka Airport) to book your ride; and help you in any way we can to make your stay in our city fabulous.

Of course some of you may stop over for urgent repairs and supplies, in which case you will be coming to the right place. There are plenty of experts around to help you. Check out our website for various links.

Available Services

Bowman Yacht Maintenance
Marina Yacht Lift
Sails and Boating
Fuel 24/7
Quantum Sails
Complete Yachting
Repairing of Sails
Mechanical Repairs
Metered Taxi Services
Tourism Offices
Laundry Facilities
  • We offer almost anything to assist with making your stay enjoyable.

Our Latest News


As some of you are aware, the Marina has upgraded the security access system, as the previous system was overloaded and unable to perform.

This falls within the yearly “clean up” of the security disk system, which will entail the purging of all entries on the current system and updating it with only the current lessee and renter information.
This will enable the Marina to have greater control of who enters the walk-ons and thus tighten the security.
All disks will require reprogramming only two disks/fingerprints will be programmed. However, if you have already programmed your disk/fingerprint on the new system, you would not be required to re-program.
Please note that our Security Guards have been given strict instructions not to allow you onto the Walk-ons. The reason for this is that we want you to come into the office to have your disk re-activated.
Your co-operation is appreciated

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TO GET MORE INFORMATION VISIT THE : Oyster World Rally in our brochure on the Oyster Yachts website

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Lipton Challenge Cup

Lipton Cup Challenge 2018 – Lipton Cup Sailing Challenge : Starts on Friday 6th July 2018

VISIT THE WEBSITE : WWW.liptoncup.com/




ENTER VIA LINK : https://liptoncup.com/race-entry/


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S/Y Fraternidade in Durban

The sailing yacht Fraternidade was built in Salvador, Brazil, by the experienced sailor Aleixo Belov, 75 years old, who was the first brazilian making a circumnavigation around the word solo.

After that trip in 1981 he did 2 more turns around the word solo in his small yacht Tres Marias, a 36 feet Bruce Roberts that he built at his  house.

So, after 3 times around the globe he decided to make a polar sailing boat big enough to carry students in order to show them what is sail around the word.

After Fraternidade became ready, Aleixo Belov made his fourth trip with 26 students, divided in four groups, in a new turn around the word.

For this educational program Aleixo Belov received two medals from the president of Brazil, and a title of Sir.

3 years ago the S/Y Fraternidade went to Antartica and Sir. Aleixo Belov wrote his seventh book.

Last year, Aleixo Belov went to Alaska to see the ice in the north hemisphere and now together with his crew he is taking Fraternidade back to home trying to finish his 5th circumnavigation.

So we start in Brazil last december 2016 across de Panama Chanel, go to Galapagos – French Polinesia – Hawaii – Alaska – Mexico – Majuro – Micronesia – Timor Leste – Indonesia – Durban.

In Durban Marina we have a very good friend Gilbert Goor from the S/Y Zazu, who was in Salvador Brazil visiting us when Fraternidade was in construction.

From Durban Fraternidade go to Cape Town and after cross the Atlantic ocean back home to Salvador.

Captains name is Aleixo Belov

First mate is me, Leonardo Papini

Mecanic is Hermann

And Deck hander is Paco

We are together since we left Brazil. Other join us in a few legs. Our You tube channel is youtube.com/leonardopapiniyoutube.com/leonardopapini

Photographs by : Leonardo Papini – www.leonardopapini.com.br





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We wish our Director Nigel Milln all the best at the Vasco da Gama Ocean Race.


Vasco da Gama Ocean Race – 6th entry received

Now here’s an interesting entry – and a highly competitive one too, as her owner and skipper has won the race 4 times overall on handicap, with 3 of those victories being consecutive. He is the ONLY person to have won 3 consecutive races in the 46 year history of the Vasco da Gama Race.

Obviously ‘he’ is none other than Nigel Milln.

He’s usually seen aboard Skitzo, but this year he will be racing Phezulu, a Fast 42, which has undergone some extensive modifications and refurbishment.

Nigel Milln is one of those skippers who was bitten by the Vasco bug some years ago, and he keeps coming back for more, despite his advancing years.

A few years ago he stated this: “I have unfinished business with the Vasco Race”.

So, will he be back on the podium again? We’ll have to wait and see, but one thing for sure is this – he’s a wiley old salt is Milln, so never, never write him off!

His is the second Fast 42 entered, the others being ‘Nemesis’ which is being sailed by Tony & Sigi Bailes of Port Elizabeth. There is 1 other definite Fast 42 entry due in the next few days, and another Fast 42 entry wavering, yet a distinct possibility.

The battle between these three Fast 42s is going to be an intriguing one, and one worth watching closely when the race starts on Thursday 26 April.


Plus there are others still making up their minds and playing their cards close to their chests.

The organisers are confident that a fleet of over 10 boats will be competing.

The race is being organised by the Royal Natal Yacht Club, and starts on 26 April 2018.

All Race documentation as is available from the RNYC website at: http://rnyc.org.za/vasco-da-gama-race-2018/

or from the Race Secretary Gill Campbell: gillcam@telkomsa.net

Follow the news on this race here: https://www.facebook.com/VascodaGama2015/

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The Durban Marina is in the process of doing a yearly “clean up” of the security disk system, which will entail the purging of all entries on the current system and updating it with only the current lessee and renter information. It has become a necessary exercise as the system has been overloaded with old and incorrect information.

This will enable the Marina to have a greater control of who enters the walk-ons and thus tighten the security.
All disks will require reprogramming as of the 3rd April 2018,  only two disks/fingerprints will be programmed.
Please note that our Security Guards have been given strict instructions not to allow you onto the Walk-ons. The reason for this is that we want you to come into the office to have your disk re-activated.  Your co-operation is appreciated

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any queries.

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As you all know the storm that hit KZN last Tuesday, has caused immense damage to the Marina, there is extensive damage to our walk-ons.

The Marina has since subcontracted “Subtech” to assist with repairs. We have also outsourced more divers and skilled workers to assist. All of Durban Marina staff  are working tirelessly to get your Marina back in order.

This is not going to happen overnight and it will take a few weeks to repair. Please be patience and please be reassured that the Marina is doing the best we can and will continue doing so.

We also advise you to examine your boat and if there are any damages, you should contact your Insurance Company timeously to inform them of your pending claim.


It was heartfelt to know that we have such amazing support from our lessees, members and the Yacht Clubs.

We were inundated with lessees and members offering assistance, to the point where we felt almost overwhelmed.

We would like to say a “BIG THANK YOU” to Trade Winds coffee shop for the continual hot coffee and to RNYC for the hot soup, which gave our staff the extra warmth they needed whilst working in the storm.

Thank you to Graham Rose, Rob Bowman, Steve Coxen, our Marina Directors and everyone that assisted.



Kind Regards


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The rule of no fishing in the Marina was relaxed on a trial basis. The rule is to be reintroduced due to the danger of the Marina diver being caught up on hooks while underwater.

Some boats have been hit by “flying missiles” namely sinkers and spark plugs. Therefore as of  1 June 2017 the no-fishing rule in the Marina has been reinstated.


The water restrictions on the Marina have been slightly relaxed and water is available from 8am – 4pm daily. We would like to ask for your assistance on this as boats that are not being used are being washed 3 to 4 times a week. It has been noticed that some cleaners just stand and hose the boat down without using any soap or a broom to actually clean.

We would like to request that all owners fit the pistol grip fitting to the hosepipes, as the cleaners’ just leave the spray nozzle fittings open. As we are still under instructions from the Municipality regarding water usage and ask for co-operation in assisting to save water.                   


Currently we have installed 10 cameras on the Marina, this is an ongoing project and will continue to expand the network once finances are available.


With a successful Vasco being completed and well done to members and visitors who took part in the race. We look forward to a successful sailing season with the MSC being beginning of July and the Boat Show towards the end of July.


A handheld VHF radio was found on the walk-on. To claim, contact me with the make and model and details of where this was lost.

Kind Regards


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Unfortunately due to the water restrictions put on the Marina by the Municipality, at this stage it is not possible for the Marina to relax the restrictions and the water to be available permanently 24/7.

However due to the large fire in the Rossburgh area at the end of last week, a lot of the boats on the Marina are covered in black fall out.

For the next few days the Marina will be leaving the water open from 8h00 to 16h00, to allow for the washing of the boats to get rid of the black fall out.

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Festive Season Port Authority and Marina Office Hours

Kindly note that the Port Authority office – Transnet will be closing at 10:00 on Friday, 23rd December 2016.
Their office will re-open again on Wednesday, 28th December 2016 at 08:00.
Please do your clearing out at 08:00 on Friday morning should you wish to leave over the Christmas weekend.

The Durban Marina office will also close earlier on Friday, 23rd December 2016 and remain closed until Wednesday morning, 28th December 2016 at 08:00.

Have a blessed Festive Season and safe sailing!

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